"Slice Into The New Year" Workout w/Championship Haidong Gumdo



The following programs are taught by Rob Frankovich

Master Frankovich created Pine Tree Taekwondo, a traditional non-competitive Song Moo Kwan school, in 1990 and holds class at Sparrow Institute.

The curriculum includes:

Poomse (forms) developed by Jun Sun "Jay" Hyon, a Song Moo Kwan pioneer who brought the art to Minnesota.

Hosinsul (self-defense ) taught through "One-steps" (choreographed self-defense and Hapkido-based joint locks & control holds.

"Point" (or "Sport") sparring to develop an understanding of what happens in a fight and how to apply techniques learned in a more realistic self-defense type situation.

Suzume Dojo Aikido traces its lineage back to Northern Lights Aikido (Duluth, MN) where Rob Frankovich-sensei studied with Brad Bergeron-sensei and Frank Guldbrandsen-sensei as part of the Seidokan Aikido organization.

Tohei-sensei brought the principles of mind and body coordination to Aikido training, Roderick Kobayashi-sensei expanded the principles to daily life application.

Following its Seidokan roots, Suzume Dojo Aikido is a softer style of Aikido that relies on unbalancing and leverage than impact or pain compliance to be effective.

Twin Cities Gumdo is the headquarters for Haidong Gumdo - Minnesota, the Minnesota affiliate of the U.S. Haidong Gumdo Association.

Master Frankovich trains under Master Laura Clements, the Secretary of Education for the U.S. Haidong Gumdo Association.

Primarily taught as a method of personal growth and development, now, the art is based on the sword methods used Korean feudal warfare. Training includes forms, one-step sparring, cutting. We do not "spar" as in Kendo or many schools of Korean Kumdo.

Master Frankovich respectfully acknowledges the work of other instructors.


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